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Our members save up to 40% when they combine their purchasing power and shop from our extensive range of ethically sourced, organic, and plant-based products.

A Community-Driven Marketplace, Rooted in Ethical Choices

At The Ethical Food Club, we believe in the power of collective buying to unlock exclusive savings while championing ethical consumption.

Unlike your typical grocery store, we curate a selection of organic, sustainable, and ethical products that not only benefit you but the world around you. Our model is simple - together we pool our shopping needs, order in bulk from trusted wholesalers, and pass the savings directly to you.

By choosing to shop with us, you're not just getting your essentials at reduced prices, you're becoming part of a movement towards a better, more sustainable way of living.

Our club is all about shared values, collective savings, and fostering a locally-driven marketplace right here in Hampshire.

Redefining Standards

Together we uphold the highest standards in ethical and sustainable shopping, fostering a community that thrives on inclusivity and collective savings.

Every product we offer meets a stringent criterion—setting a new benchmark in quality, ethics, and sustainability.


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Friday 8th September
Friday 6th October
Friday 3rd November
Friday 8th December

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Monday 11th September
Monday 9th October
Monday 6th November
Monday 11th December