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1. What is The Ethical Food Club?

The Ethical Food Club is a wholesale buying club. We are lucky to have an awesome website and the largest range of products available of any food club, with over 5000 products and counting. It is a community, made up of like-minded ethical folk who don’t want to spend a fortune on their shopping just because it is healthy, cruelty-free, organic or wholesome.

We put our collective orders together so we can shop direct with the wholesaler and save!

The club is based in Eastleigh, Hampshire and serves the local area.

2. What does it cost to be a Member?

We offer two types of membership, Pay as you Go or Annual. Our annual membership is £30. PAYG members are charged 5% of their total order amount.

3. How long will my order take?

We place a large group order every month to be delivered to us on a Monday. Orders can be placed at any time and you can find the next scheduled delivery day on the banner at the top of the website. As long as your order is in by 18:00 on Friday, it will be ready to collect the following Monday.

We place an order on the first Friday of every month unless it falls on the 1st, in which case we order on Friday 8th.

We recommend that you place your order as close to Friday as possible as this will give you the most up-to-date stock levels and time to arrange any substitutions for items which are out of stock with the wholesaler.

You can collect your order as soon as you receive the ‘Completed Order’ email which is usually early afternoon but can sometimes be as late as 5 or 6pm. If you need to collect on a different day, just contact us by email or phone to arrange.

4. How do I pay for my order?

We accept bank transfer or apply a 2.5% processing fee to card payments to keep costs down. In the event that an item you order is not available or not delivered, you will receive a credit to your account to use next time. If you would prefer to receive a transfer back to your bank account, just let us know.

5. What are the ‘Offers’ about?

Every month, our wholesalers have special offers on different products. We make sure you know about them by updating our prices to reflect the extra discounts.

6. My question isn’t listed here!

Please drop us an email at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Order Deadline:

Friday 8th September
Friday 6th October
Friday 3rd November
Friday 8th December

Order Delivery:

Monday 11th September
Monday 9th October
Monday 6th November
Monday 11th December